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eKaizen: Continuous improvement and idea management platform
All-in-one platform for the management of continuous improvement activities. From capturing employee ideas through evaluation to implementation and sharing success stories.
eKanban: Material logistics digitization
Fully digitized material logistics - from stock to supermarket to production lines. Pull system, real-time.
Tinote: CMMS software
Take care of your assets and equipment! Plan preventive maintenance, report issues, manage spare parts. For manufacturing companies as well as repair & maintenance organizations.
LeanGate: Visitor management
Tool for a smooth check-in and check-out of visitors. Upload important documents, manage feedback, get reports and statistics.

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Operational excellence

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Cultural transformation & employee engagement

Kaizen is not just a set of tools; it’s a cultural mindset that fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility for improvement among employees at all levels. When the culture promotes continuous improvement, employees are more likely to identify and address operational inefficiencies. eKaizen enables anyone in an organization to share improvement suggestions easily – and get the credit they deserve.

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Small incremental changes

Kaizen focuses on making small, incremental changes rather than massive overhauls. These small improvements are easier to implement and result in less disruption to daily operations. Over time, these changes add up to significant improvements in operational efficiency. eKaizen can handle all sizes of projects and changes.

go-do projects
task management
day-to-day operations

Waste reduction

One of the primary goals of kaizen is to eliminate waste in processes, whether it’s in the form of overproduction, excess inventory, or waiting times. By systematically identifying and eliminating waste, organizations can streamline their operations and reduce costs. eKaizen helps implement all process improvements efficiently and track their impact.

7 types of waste
continuous improvement (kaizen) reporting, CI dashboards with KPIs

Data-driven decision making

Kaizen relies on data and evidence to drive improvements. Teams gather and analyze data to identify bottlenecks, defects, and areas for improvement. This approach ensures that changes are based on facts and not just opinions. eKaizen allows you to measure and track all important metrics and make informed decisions about your improvement initiatives.

KPIs and metrics
costs & savings
kaizen management - workflow in ekaizen

Standardization & sharing best practices

Kaizen emphasizes the importance of standardized work processes. By establishing standardized procedures, organizations can reduce variation and ensure that processes are consistent and reliable, leading to higher-quality products and services. eKaizen is a great tool for CI standardization. Additionally, it offers ready-made features for sharing best practices across the organization.

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