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eKaizen: Continuous improvement and idea management platform
All-in-one platform for the management of continuous improvement activities. From capturing employee ideas through evaluation to implementation and sharing success stories.
eKanban: Material logistics digitization
Fully digitized material logistics - from stock to supermarket to production lines. Pull system, real-time.
Tinote: CMMS software
Take care of your assets and equipment! Plan preventive maintenance, report issues, manage spare parts. For manufacturing companies as well as repair & maintenance organizations.
LeanGate: Visitor management
Tool for a smooth check-in and check-out of visitors. Upload important documents, manage feedback, get reports and statistics.

Get improvements done!

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eKaizen: Platform for CI and idea management

Manage improvement suggestions, collaborate on projects, track KPIs (and more) with eKaizen, an all-in-one platform for continuous improvement initiatives. Make your CI more efficient and transparent with user-friendly kaizen software.

employee suggestion box digital

Spot opportunities, share improvements

Catch something that needs improving? Just share it! With our kaizen software, submitting suggestions and initiating new projects is a breeze – anyone can do it using any device. Build custom submission forms for different purposes. Allow authors to track their improvements easily and stay in touch with the CI team. Use supporting tools such as posters with QR codes to promote CI across your organization and empower employees to actively engage in making things better.

online meeting board
kaizen software - ROI calculation

Evaluate the potential of improvement suggestions

Wondering if an idea is worth implementing? Bring together all stakeholders before giving the green light. eKaizen provides you with a suite of tools to make informed decisions. Evaluate the potential of your ideas by assessing both tangible and intangible benefits, calculating ROI, and defining key metrics to be tracked. Invite colleagues to weigh in, assigning scores based on predefined criteria.

project messaging
communication with author
kaizen management - workflow in ekaizen

Turn ideas into action

With eKaizen, you can seamlessly create and manage action plans from evaluation to sharing success stories. Assign tasks to team members and collaborate to implement great ideas. Customize workflows for various project types, ensuring smooth progress with task dependencies, deadlines, progress statuses and messaging. Use a kanban board of all projects and ideas to stay on top of your work.

task management
workflow templates
notifications & due dates
continuous improvement (kaizen) reporting, CI dashboards with KPIs

Tailor your view with custom dashboards

Take control of your data with eKaizen’s customizable dashboards. Choose from a variety of widgets to create personalized displays. Whether you’re tracking savings, ideas at each stage, or overdue tasks, eKaizen provides the precise insights you need – and then some. Plus, easily export data in CSV format for alternative processing and visualization methods.

email notifications
notification widgets
CI project management - kaizen detail with tags

Spread improvements & establish new standards

Standardize improvement processes across your organization with kaizen software to save time and resources. Identify and highlight projects with the potential to become company standards, ensuring consistency in addressing similar issues. No need to reinvent the wheel!

organization & sorting
quick search
best practices
best kaizen dashboard, employee of the month

Celebrate success together

Encourage employees to join in continuous improvement with eKaizen and foster your company culture! Easily manage employee rewards, highlight successful improvements, and give credit where it’s due. When people see their ideas making a difference, it boosts their morale and keeps them motivated.

plant switcher
user permissions

Perfect for enterprises

Do you have a corporate role? eKaizen allows you to establish enterprise standards, share best practices across the entire organization and oversee the performance of individual facilities.

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