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eKaizen: Continuous improvement and idea management platform
All-in-one platform for the management of continuous improvement activities. From capturing employee ideas through evaluation to implementation and sharing success stories.
eKanban: Material logistics digitization
Fully digitized material logistics - from stock to supermarket to production lines. Pull system, real-time.
Tinote: CMMS software
Take care of your assets and equipment! Plan preventive maintenance, report issues, manage spare parts. For manufacturing companies as well as repair & maintenance organizations.
LeanGate: Visitor management
Tool for a smooth check-in and check-out of visitors. Upload important documents, manage feedback, get reports and statistics.

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The Team

Meet Ennvea's management

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Luděk Cigánek

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO, Luděk is responsible for the overall management of the company and for establishing and fulfilling the objectives. Drawing on his extensive experience from many international manufacturing digitisation projects, he steers the company and its key products and services in the right direction.

Pavla Doležalová

Chief Operating Officer

Pavla makes sure everything is running smoothly, the entire team has the right conditions for their work and ongoing projects are on track. She also coordinates our business development operations.

Martin Kostka

Customer Experience Manager

Martin has long-time experience with managing projects in the IT industry. Above all, he focuses on customer experience; he's committed to making our projects successful and our clients satisfied.

Jan Oulehla

Delivery & support manager

Jan understands business processes in manufacturing companies, analyzes their needs and prepares the solution design. His main job is to ensure a smooth implementation of our software tools - from the initial analysis to the handover.

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