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eKaizen: Continuous improvement and idea management platform
All-in-one platform for the management of continuous improvement activities. From capturing employee ideas through evaluation to implementation and sharing success stories.
eKanban: Material logistics digitization
Fully digitized material logistics - from stock to supermarket to production lines. Pull system, real-time.
Tinote: CMMS software
Take care of your assets and equipment! Plan preventive maintenance, report issues, manage spare parts. For manufacturing companies as well as repair & maintenance organizations.
LeanGate: Visitor management
Tool for a smooth check-in and check-out of visitors. Upload important documents, manage feedback, get reports and statistics.

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Tinote: CMMS for factories and repair & maintenance companies

Prevention is key in any smart business strategy. Tinote simplifies maintenance management, from planning preventive tasks to handling unexpected issues, saving you time and money in the long run.

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From technicians to managers

With Tinote CMMS, speed and transparency are at the forefront. Whether you’re a factory technician, maintenance manager or you work for a repair & maintenance organization, you can rely on easy, real-time access to relevant information.

various user roles
internal & external teams

Everything in one place

Keep track of all your assets effortlessly. View maintenance history, plan and complete documentation. Get clear data on spare parts and operational costs.

Clear, relevant statistics allow you to optimize part ordering and reduce inventory.

spare parts management
cmms - maintenance calendar

Preventive & corrective maintenance

Set up preventive maintenance plans for each equipment and get automatic notifications with required actions.

Report issues easily using QR codes. Cut reaction times and reduce unnecessary downtime.

easy issue reporting
regular maintenance plans


Integrate CMMS easily with existing technologies such as your ERP system, creating a fully digitized ecosystem with high automation levels. Synchronize equipment and spare parts data, billing information and more.

ERP integration via API

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