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Give your employees a voice with the eKaizen platform

Ideas push companies forward! The best ideas are often born in the minds of employees who know exactly what needs to be improved. The eKaizen platform makes sure these ideas aren't forgotten.

Submit ideas

It's so easy with the submission form!

  • intuitive, clean layout - no need for trainings
  • you can upload multimedia - photos, video and audio recordings
  • each idea gets a unique QR code that allows anyone to get quick updates on how the submission is doing
  • adjust the visual style to fit your corporate identity

Evaluate the potential

What does the idea plan to improve and what benefit will it bring?

  • complete information about the submitted idea 
  • request additional information from the author
  • cost/benefit analysis

Implement the best ideas

Use smart project management tools

  • kanban board of all projects
  • action plan with tasks and responsibilities
  • team management
  • comments and notes
  • email notifications and updates

Stay in the know

Have access to reports and important KPIs

  • customizable dashboards
  • track e.g. kaizen areas, achieved results, savings, number of involved employees, average length of implementation, use of funds...

Appreciate and reward employees

Show your employees that their ideas matter. Strengthen your company culture!

  • promote most successful projects
  • motivate other employees to engage
  • the solution comes with a set of internal marketing materials

Share success stories

Kaizen Storyboard helps you evaluate the project and spread important information.

  • complete project documentation
  • before and after photos, costs, team, savings...
  • select which metrics you want to include in your storyboard and export a pdf
  • present the success story to the management, share with other branches, inspire!

Why eKaizen?

Empower your people

eKaizen allows you to show employees that their voices matter - and to engage them in the success of your business. This has a positive impact on company culture.

Stay on track

You can easily manage and track the entire implementation process including all KPIs such as ROI. Once you have the right data, you can decide if the project is worth implementing in other departments or branches.

Save time and money

eKaizen makes continuous improvement management simple! This means you can spend more time on great projects that will save your company money.

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