Why Ennvea

Proven know-how, innovative approach

We are a consulting and technology company that will guide you to lean, efficient production.

Experienced consultants

Our experts have experience from numerous implementation projects all around the world, for manufacturing companies varying in size as well as digital maturity. We are familiar with a number of tools and technologies for production and related processes (VSM, maintenance, internal logistics). We are constantly learning and expanding our know-how.

Data-driven approach

At the beginning of every project, we carry out a detailed analysis of the client's current status and needs, accompanied by an ROI calculation. We focus strongly on the quality of data we work with - whether it is during the implementation of a new tool, or the optimization of an existing process. That's the only way to ensure smooth project progress and, eventually, the desired outcomes.

innovation & common sense

Innovation is the driving force of digitization and Industry 4.0, allowing us to adapt to the changing conditions. However, we believe that it's not just about technologies themselves. What matters the most is how efficiently people can use them - and how ready a business is for innovations. This is what we always consider when approaching clients and designing solutions.

Who can benefit from our services

Our services are for manufacturing companies from various sectors (automotive, plastics, aerospace, electronics...), of various sizes and digital maturity.

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