Maintenance digitisation made smart and easy

A smart business doesn’t forget about preventive asset care. Because preventing problems is cheaper than having to deal with them.

Failures causing unplanned downtime mean financial losses. Tinote helps you plan preventive care for the most convenient slots and reduce reaction time. Get an easy access to information about your maintenance plan and history. Enjoy the data transparency and reliability and boost the efficiency of your maintenance processes!

All data in one place

Manage information about your assets.

  • maintenance plan and history
  • complete documentation
  • operating costs of all assets, spare parts consumption
  • ERP integration

Clear, relevant statistics allow you to optimise part ordering and reduce inventory.


easy planning & capacities overview

Plan preventive and corrective maintenance tasks easily. It takes just a single click to display the upcoming tasks of your staff.

  • maintenance plan and work order history
  • overview of current and future capacities
  • drag & drop functionality for quick changes

less time, fewer unnecessary steps

Tinote can even help you plan the logistics of scheduled maintenance jobs.

  • Google Maps integration
  • integration with localisation technologies for indoor asset tracking

  • preparation of optimal plan

  • efficient utilisation of capacities

condition monitoring

Monitor your assets

Integrate Tinote with a condition monitoring system and get a perfect overview of the status of your assets in real time.

  • automatic notification of issues and failures
  • production efficiency (actual vs. expected production)
  • productive and unproductive times analysis (including downtime reasons)
  • advanced analytics, dashboards and reports

Why Tinote?

Prevention is key

Regular preventive maintenance helps reduce unnecessary downtime and keep equipment in optimal condition. This allows you to produce efficiently and deliver on time.

Efficiency & ROI

With easy data access and smooth communication, you can achieve shorter time-to-react and more efficient spare parts management. A quick ROI is guaranteed - usually 6-12 months.

Ease of use

Easy configuration and control, clear arrangement, drag & drop functionality, compatibility with mobile devices. This all makes Tinote an application you will simply enjoy using!


Integrate Tinote with e.g. ERP (invoicing, spare parts) or localisation technologies (such as UWB - for logistics planning). The app can also receive automatic notifications from machines.

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