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We enjoy the process of creating new designs very much. Welcome to our studio where you get to be a part of something great and exciting! We are Artrium, a branding agency!

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Welcome to our studio! We employ people who have passion for design and marketing. It's a perfect combination of professionalism and creative approach.

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Luděk Cigánek

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inovativní řešení,
osvědčené know-how
Jsme specialisté na optimalizaci a digitalizaci
výrobních podniků
Rozumíme výrobním procesům a vyznáme se v digitálních nástrojích.
Bezpečně vás provedeme cestou ke štíhlé, efektivní výrobě.
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transform your business with us

We are experts in manufacturing
optimization and digitization

We use innovative technologies to boost the efficiency of your business processes. We design the best solution, implement it and teach you how to use it properly.
 This enables you to:


digitize key activities and processes

Digitization allows you to automate repetitive operations, increase traceability and accelerate processes.

make data-driven decisions

You can only make right decisions if you have accurate, relevant data.

optimize processes and produce efficiently

The key to success is continuous improvement. Even small changes contribute to better results.

odhalit a eliminovat možné problémy a ztráty

Lean manufacturing means minimum waste. With the help of the right tools, you can save time as well as money.
What we bring to the table

Consulting & digital technologies for manufacturing

Consulting for manufacturing and technology companies

Drawing on experience from international projects for manufacturing companies of various profiles, we help our clients improve their production process and implement lean manufacturing standards.

We also provide consulting to technology companies who want to tailor their products to the needs of the manufacturing industry and to integrate their technologies with their clients' systems.

Témata průmysl 4.0 a štíhlá výroba také školíme.

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Digitization of production processes

We focus on the entire digitization process: from digital maturity analysis and digitization roadmap creation, to solution design and implementation, to system integration and support.

Whether you are quite far along on your digital transformation journey or you have just set off, we are here to help you plan all the steps so that you can make the most out of your digital tools.

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Digitize production, maintenance, VSM or internal logistics

We offer our own software tools as well as other proven technologies. Our solution always reflects your current situation and actual needs.

All applications and tools can be integrated with your existing systems (e.g. ERP).

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průmysl 4.0

Solution packages and case studies

We deliver optimization and digitization projects to manufacturing companies of various sizes and at various digitization maturity levels. Check out a selection of case studies below and see what improvements can be achieved.


Who can benefit from our services

Naše služby využívají výrobní firmy z různých oborů (automotive, zpracování plastů, aerospace, elektrotechnická výroba...), různé velikosti, podniky v pokročilém stádiu digitalizace i ty, které se teprve na transformaci chystají.